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E-TYPE(High Quality WPC Door Frame)

Custom E-TYPE(High Quality WPC Door Frame) Manufacturers

The E-type frame, which with the main feature of high-quality tiny sizes. The wall thickness of e type frame reaches to 4mm, cal holds a door with 60kgs. after installation, it brings you a feeling of safe. The most popular size is 10cm, 12cm, and 14cm.

    A quality brand created in 2006.

    Huangshan Belson Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is China E-TYPE(High Quality WPC Door Frame) Manufacturers and E-TYPE(High Quality WPC Door Frame) Suppliers, established in 2006 is located in Shexian Economic Development Zone, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. Our company has a building area of 35,000 square meters. We invested 160 million yuan in this project to build a new environmental protection manufacturer that involves all aspects like scientific research, production and sales. We offer E-TYPE(High Quality WPC Door Frame).

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    Huangshan Belson Decoration Material Co., Ltd.


What are the key characteristics that define a high-quality WPC door frame, especially when it comes to its size, and how does the E-type frame fit into this description?

Material Quality: High-quality WPC door frames are typically made from a premium blend of wood fibers and polymer materials. This ensures durability, resistance to moisture, and a longer lifespan.
Stability: The frame should exhibit excellent stability, even in tiny sizes, to support the weight and function of the door. It should not warp, bend, or lose its shape over time.
Size Precision: The frame's dimensions should be precisely engineered to accommodate the door's size and weight. This is particularly important in tiny-sized frames, as any irregularities can lead to operational issues.
Finish and Aesthetics: Aesthetic considerations matter for many customers. A high-quality WPC frame should have a smooth and appealing finish, with options for various colors and finishes to match different interior designs.
Ease of Installation: The frame should be designed for easy installation. E-type frames, in particular, are known for their straightforward installation, often without the need for complex joinery.
Termite and Pest Resistance: WPC frames should be resistant to termites and other pests that can affect traditional wooden frames.
Maintenance: They should require minimal maintenance, which is especially important for tiny-sized frames in hard-to-reach areas.
E-type frames are a specific design of WPC door frame that fits into this description by offering added benefits such as space-saving and ease of installation. The ""E"" shape of the frame allows it to be fitted directly into the wall cavity, maximizing the usable space in a room. This design also simplifies installation, reducing the need for additional framework or supports, and it ensures a snug fit for the door, which is crucial for tiny-sized frames. E-type frames combine the characteristics of high-quality WPC frames with the advantages of a space-efficient and easily installable design.

What are the considerations for ensuring that WPC door frames, especially E-type frames, maintain their high quality over time, given their smaller dimensions?

Quality of Materials: Start with high-quality WPC materials. Ensure that the WPC used in the frame is resistant to moisture, UV rays, and temperature variations, which can cause degradation over time.
Proper Installation: Correct installation is crucial for long-term performance. Ensure that E-type frames are installed by professionals who follow the manufacturer's guidelines and use appropriate hardware.
Sealing and Finishing: Properly seal and finish the frames to protect them from water infiltration. This is especially important for E-type frames, as they are often embedded within the wall.
Regular Inspection and Maintenance: Periodically inspect the frames for any signs of damage, warping, or degradation. Address any issues promptly to prevent them from worsening.
Avoiding Overloading: Don't overload the door by hanging heavy items on it. This can put excessive stress on the frame and hinges, leading to premature wear and tear.
Climate Considerations: If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, consider using weatherstripping or additional insulation to protect the frame from moisture and temperature fluctuations.
Cleaning: Clean the frame regularly to remove dust and debris, using mild cleaners that won't damage the WPC. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents that can scratch the surface.
Preventing Termite and Pest Infestation: If you live in an area prone to termites or pests, take preventative measures to protect the frame, such as using insect-repelling treatments.
Appropriate Hardware: Use appropriate hardware, such as hinges and handles, that are compatible with the frame's size and weight. Ensure they are correctly installed and periodically check for any loose or damaged components.